Emily Holyoake

Playwright, Actor, Screenwriter



Emily is a playwright, actor, and screenwriter. Originally from Derby, she is now based in Exeter, and is represented by Patrick Management (Spotlight CV).

She has previously worked with companies and collectives including Encompass Productions (STASIS, 2015), In Good Company (STORY SCAVENGERS, 2014), The Pensive Federation (THE GUEST ROOM2014),  Act 2 (STASIS, 2014), and New Model Theatre (APRIL, 2012-2013). She was a writer on attachment with New Perspectives Theatre Company in 2014.

Her work has been performed in off-West End venues and theatres across the UK, including the White Bear Theatre, the Tristan Bates Theatre, The Bike Shed Theatre, Nottingham Playhouse, Derby Theatre, and the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre.

She is currently collaborating with BAFTA-winning director Peter Nicholson on both an upcoming feature and a TV sci-fi pilot.

Her work is usually character-driven and woman-centric, often concerned with how technology affects human relationships, and always written with actors in mind. As a fan of aspirational sci-fi, she is particularly interested in finding ways to stage those kinds of stories.

Likes include running, attempting to learn Japanese, and Captain Kathryn Janeway of the starship Voyager. Dislikes include mansplaining and books that have a map at the beginning.

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