Emily Holyoake

Playwright, Actor, Screenwriter



I’m a playwright, actor, and screenwriter currently based in Exeter. I trained at the University of Exeter and hold an M.A. Theatre Practice: Playwriting and Dramaturgy (Distinction) and a B.A. Drama (First Class with Honours). I was a writer on attachment with New Perspectives Theatre Company (2014) and am the co-founder of Exeter-based Living Robot Theatre Company (@livingrobottc). I’m represented by Patrick Management and my Spotlight CV can be viewed here.

Please see the current projects page for a summary of what I’m working on at the moment.

As a playwright, I’ve previously worked with Encompass Productions (Stasis, 2015), In Good Company (Story Scavengers, 2014), The Pensive Federation (Significant Other: Undercover, 2014), New Perspectives Theatre Company (Behind Closed Doors, 2014), Act 2 (Stasis, 2014), 20:20 Vision (Stasis, 2014), Script This (Stasis, 2014; Real Person Fiction, 2013) and New Model Theatre (April, 2012-2013). My work has been performed in off-West End venues and theatres across the UK, including the White Bear Theatre, the Tristan Bates Theatre, The Bike Shed Theatre, Nottingham Playhouse, Derby Theatre, the Old Theatre Royal (Bath), and the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre. I’ve also staged work in non-theatrical venues, from small quayside cafés to beautiful old churches.

As an actor, I’ve performed with Interwoven Productions (Sacred Trees of Heavitree, 2015), Living Robot Theatre Company (Exewhirr, 2015), The Elysium Theatre Company (Summer Shakespeare Season, 2013), Philipp Ehmann and Isley Lynn (The Jonalana Project: The Ministry of Betterment, 2013), and Brite Theater (My Only Love Sprung From My Only Hate, 2013). I’m also a confident facilitator, and was team leader for Gibber Theatre Company’s 2014 tour of Derbyshire secondary schools (Waste Watchers, 2014).

And as a screenwriter, in 2015/6 I will be collaborating with director Lucy Townsend on a Shakespeare-inspired short film, and with BAFTA-winning director Peter Nicholson on both an upcoming feature and a TV sci-fi pilot.

My work has previously been centred around placing online relationships and concerns onstage, tackling subjects such as fandom, ‘pseuicide’, and online abuse. I tend to write naturalistically and characters are usually my top priority. I love aspirational sci-fi and am currently trying to find ways to stage those kinds of stories, which celebrate the potential of humanity whilst also examining our relationships with technology. And I try to always write with actors in mind, and create characters that need actors to be brave and brilliant.

My fictional hero is Captain Kathryn Janeway of the starship Voyager and I like watching rubbish films about sharks.

If you have any questions about my work, Twitter is the best place to find me – @princecolin.

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