My favourite auditions

6 Oct

Today, Directo and I saw the first few lovely auditionees for The Raging Quiet. There were some nerves, some giggles, and some wonderfully talented folks. And it reminded me how much I’ve grown to love the first stages of a play – the auditions, the casting, and that first readthrough.

When someone reads or workshops for one of my plays, I really genuinely want them to feel good about their audition. I want them to leave feeling confidant that they did everything they could. And really, my favourite auditions over the small number of productions I’ve put on at uni have been the ones where people came in smiling, did their absolute utmost, and tried not to let anything phase them. When auditionees properly go with the flow, it makes me feel like we’re not shitty at running auditions (and giving your prospective director and dramaturg a confidence boost is always a good technique for getting onto a casting shortlist).

And to be honest, the thing that really makes an auditionee stand out is if Directo and I just know that that person wants to be part of our show. Properly wants to. And wants to be part of our show. To be honest, we just want people to care as much about our play as we do.

I’m getting to a stage now where I feel less nervous about people actually reading my plays aloud too, which can only be a good thing. It’s not because I’ve got cocky (although I’m definitely more confidant about my ability as a playwright than I was when I started my degree), it’s because I’ve started to really trust the people we’ve cast. I know my work is in good hands.

So I’m thrilled that our first readthrough is on Sunday. Because I know that, by Saturday evening, we’re going to have a brilliant cast, full of people who are as full of giggly glee as we are.

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