3 Sep

I’m starting to get a bit worried about my finances next year. I get an allowance from my parents as well as a maintenance loan, so I’m by no means in the worst financial position for a student to be, but Exeter is a fairly expensive place to live at times. And I’m going to be putting a fifth of that allowance aside each month in an attempt to save money for my MA, which means I’m going to have to think carefully about what I’m spending my money on.

I got into bad habits last year. The Impy (Imperial Pub) is pretty much an annex of the main Drama building, so going there for a meal is always going to be easier than a 25 minute walk back to my house, especially if I’ve got another class/rehearsal imminent. So I’m just going to have to plan better. Packed lunches all the way.

I also failed to get a job this summer. I did try, obviously, because having a job is always better than not having one. But I’m now thinking that I didn’t try hard enough. I could’ve done better with that. Hopefully I’ll be able to get something at Christmas, or my friends and family can look forward to some very heartfelt homemade presents this year. I might look into self-publishing again to see if there’s any way people would be willing to pay for my original stuff, but there’s the very strong possibility that they won’t, which will put me even further out of pocket.

It’s tricky, because I also want to try to be a bit more sociable this year. Any tips on having a free/cheap night out wherein I still get to get tipsy? Other than batting my eyelashes at the Boyfriend and getting him to buy all the drinks.

It’ll be worth it if I do manage to save money though. Doing an MA is always going to be worth a bit of stress this year. And my education is definitely more important to me than Cheesy Tuesday at Arena. I’d just like to work out a way to have both.

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One Response to “Money”

  1. janephant September 3, 2011 at 11:14 am #

    You can always join the winos and drink some meths from a bottle in a classy brown paper bag!!

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